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iMX6 - IEEE 1588 Implementation

Question asked by KAAN GENCAY on Jul 6, 2017
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We are working on a new project which includes IEEE 1588 protocol. We are going to use iMX6 and as far as I am concerned, it has IEEE 1588 submodule.
There is information about IEEE 1588 submodule in "i.MX 6Dual/6Quad Applications Processor Reference Manual" in chapter 23.6.10.


But I have few questions;


1- Is there any Gigabit Ethernet submodule document? For example I have to know whether PTP packets have been received or not. Could I check it from any register?
2- Is there any suggestion about basic configuration steps for IEEE 1588 submodule?
3- I have to set Adjustable Timer Module to generate PPS signal. According to the Reference Manuel document, when we need to increase or decrease the PPS signal, we have to set correction counter value higher or lower the normal value. For example if we use 8 ns as the normal value, the calculated PPS has to be faster than that. How much higher should the correction counter value be than the normal value in this case?


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