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Patched header files don't show up in SDK

Question asked by Florentin Bourge on Jul 6, 2017
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My thread makes reference to this article :Patched J1939 header files don't show up in SDK , by Craig Denson

It seems to be the nearest question asked before on this forum but I don't understand responses.


I modified the driver serial_8250.c and serial_8250.h into my remote kernel sources (it compiles and exec without troubles).


Now, I want to include the "serial_8250.h" from these custom kernel sources into a testing application in order to reuse some structures and definitions. After that, I realize that all the linux headers used by GCC in order to Cross Compile my testing application was coming from the "linux-libc-headers" path : (tmp/work/ppc64e5500-fsl-linux/linux-libc-headers/4.1-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/include/linux/) and these headers doesn't complies with my custom kernel sources. Actually, whitout considering my modification on the serial_8250, there is a lot of difference between these two headers directory.


How can I include my custom linux kernel header into my application ? Probably by modifying the application yocto recipe in order to add the relative path to my linux kernel sources ?


thank you !