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Booting P1010 from SPI

Question asked by andy tsybezoff on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by andy tsybezoff

Hi to all!


We used the P1010 (part number P1010NSN5HHA) with DDR 667MHz (MT41K256M16 - 4Gb) configuration , SPI boot and a non-trusted system mode. Now we use P1010 chip (part number P1010NXE5KHB), and our embedded system (baremetal) is not working. After power-on reset we have loading from SPI flash in ROM mode, but CPU does not start (no code execution). When we use the debugger CodeWarrior TAP (RAM mode), code executes normally.

What is the difference between chips by part number P1010NSN5HHA and P1010NXE5KHB?

How it affects system boot?