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Discrepancy about GPIO1[5] & GPIO1[15] of P1022

Question asked by Cagatay Kalelioglu on Jul 6, 2017
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There is a discrepancy about GPIO1[5] and GPIO1[15] of P1022 between its application note AN4343 and its datasheet and reference manual.


Datasheet and Reference Manual: The pin TSEC2_TX_CLK/USB2_CLK/TSEC2_GTX_CLK (Package pin number: AC26) is GPIO1_5:


Application Note (AN4343):  The pin TSEC2_TX_CLK/USB2_CLK/TSEC2_GTX_CLK is GPIO1_[15]:


Reference Manual again: The pins TSEC_1588_CLK_OUT and TSEC2_TX_CLK/USB2_CLK/TSEC2_GTX_CLK are both shown as GPIO1[15] in the figure of signal groupings:

But, the pin  TSEC_1588_CLK_OUT's alternate function is given as GPO1[15] two pages after the figure:


My guess is:


TSEC_1588_CLK_OUT -> GPO1[15]


Could you confirm?


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Cagatay Kalelioglu