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JN5179 OTA failed on the 2nd try

Question asked by benjamin chang on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by benjamin chang


We are trying JN5179 OTA function using ZGWUI.

Host USB dongle is installed with JN-AN-1216_Zb30IotControlBridge_v1005, and runing ZGWUI tool.

Target is installed with DimmableLight_JN5179_DR1175.bin from below JN-AN-1218  v1002 directory

First OTA works for DimmableLight_JN5179_DR1175_V2.ota, Load Image & Image Notify, and complete.

But then we try to perform the same procedure for DimmableLight_JN5179_DR1175_V3.ota, it has no response.

Checking sniffer we found there are only Image Notify, but no Query Next Image as it should.

Why and how to revise this? Is there a problem for V2/V3.ota?