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Question about CAN boot mode protocol for MPC5643L micro-controller

Question asked by Qian Wang on Jul 5, 2017


I am trying to understand how codes in .mot file convert to CAN message based on trace file generated by MPC5634L micro-controller. I followed the protocol summarized in the table blow, but I still have some questions listed below.

1. From the trace file generated by MPC5634L, I couldn’t find original codes in .mot file that correspond to the following CAN message. What does this BTL process correspond to?

2. There are some random CAN message generated from .mot file that doesn’t correspond to any part of the codes in .mot file. For example: after line 42 (which is shorter than the other lines), random CAN messages (line 3280 – 3284) are in the trace file. I couldn’t find codes in .mot file that are response for these random CAN message. What do they come from?

3. How is the address in .mot file converted to CAN message? For example: where does the address 22 03 and 22 0B (red box) in CAN messages come from? Which part in .mot file is response for defining the address in CAN message?