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LPC1788 to 4088 (Possible EMC issues)

Question asked by Robert Wood on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by soledad

I have a board that has been cloned with minor changes from an LPC1788 to a LPC4088. It runs for a while and then falls over with a hard fault.


Reading this:


From LPC1788 to LPC4088 


It looks like there are minor changes when it comes to using the EMC (which we are). The set-up falls over when the LCD screen is being updated and the screen buffer is in external RAM, which leads me to believe there is every chance it is the SDRAM/EMC that is causing the issues.


However, I have been through each line of code and checked each register and I can see absolutely no difference whatsoever in the EMC registers between the two parts. Is anyone able to tell me what, exactly, the differences are in this respect between the two parts and what issues there might be?


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