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Xenomai-Support with SDK1.8 and Linux-3.12.37

Question asked by Jonathan Weinert on Jul 5, 2017
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I have a running system with Linux ls1021atwr 3.12.37-rt51+ls1+gf488de6 #11 SMP Thu Jun 22 17:12:20 CST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux.

I'm using the 1.8 SDK for the LS1021A-TWR.

I wanted to apply the xenomai-kernel but I noticed that there isn't a ipipe-patch for the kernel-Version 3.12.37.

But there is  a patch for 3.10 or 3.14. My question is: How can I upgrade or downgrade the kernel Version running at the ls1021A-TWR.

My first steps were to add a recipe in recipes-kernel of the meta-fsl-arm folder which fetches the 3.10 kernel-version of the freescale linux.git repository. Unfortunately I couldn't start the kernel, it hangs on "Starting Kernel". Are there any further conditions which to be set to get an older kernel working?


U-Boot 2015.01+ls1+g6ba8eed (Jun 21 2017 - 18:47:08)

CPU:   Freescale LayerScape UnknownE, Version: 1.0, (0x87081310)
Clock Configuration:
       CPU0(ARMV7):1000 MHz,
       Bus:300  MHz, DDR:800  MHz (1600 MT/s data rate),
Reset Configuration Word (RCW):
       00000000: 0608000a 00000000 00000000 00000000
       00000010: 20000000 00407900 60040a00 21046000
       00000020: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00038000
       00000030: 00080000 281b7340 00000000 00000000
Board: LS1021ATWR




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