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About Type B PICC's data length setting.

Question asked by Yasushi Hasegawa on Jul 4, 2017

Dear Community team,

Customers are using PR5331C3HN/C360 in HSU mode.
PICC is Type B.


Although 256 bytes of data are transmitted from PICC, PR 533 can receive only 253 bytes.
I think that this is "Truncated Received data in HSU transparent mode" described in the User Manual.
It has the following description:
  With ISO1443 cards, the size can be limited by sending an FSDI of 7 during
  RATS. Then the card will send frame with a max size of 128 bytes.


For Type B PICC, I think that the above RATS command can not be done, is it correct?


In the case of Type B PICC, there is no data length setting in ISO 14443 which is the standard specification, and will it be necessary to adjust the data length with its own specification of PICC?


Best Regards,
Yasushi Hasegawa