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Porting KBOOT v2.0.0 to K40

Question asked by Cynthia Briones on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Hui_Ma



I've been trying to port the KBOOT v2.0.0 for the device MK40DX256VLQ10, I followed the steps in the Kinetis Bootloader v2.0.0 reference manual and I'm still not able to successfully port the bootloader, I would really appreciate it if you can help me.


1) What criteria should I follow in order to find the closest match to K40, should I try to find one that has the same flash, SRAM, or uart interfaces? that is still unlcear to me. The one I used was MKV31F25612. Which MCU is the best option to port KBOOT to K40?


2) Where can I find the CMSIS-compatible packages? Should I get them from:




or download an SDK from Welcome to MCUXpresso | MCUXpresso Config Tools.


3) I'm trying to use UART5 instead of UART0, according to the reference manual I need to change the .instance number in peripherals_<device>.c in order to use another UART peripheral and then change the pins to be used in peripherals_pinmux.h. Is that all I need to do in order to use UART5 instead of the UART0?


I'm using KDS and Jlink. 

I'm getting the following error in KinetisFlashTool: 

Error: Connect device failed(Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command.).


I tested the UART interface with a simple UART driver I made and I can successfully communicate to the PC using UART5. However when I try to use KBOOT the communication is not successfull, I think this might be because the UART peripheral is not being initialized correctly or because the reference MCU I chose is not the best option. I hope you can help me with this issue so that I can port the KBOOT v2.0.0.