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Write Tag on Nokia 3 fails with NXP Tag Writer

Question asked by Martin Erzberger on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by Jan Janssen

I am using the Android App "NFC TagWriter by NXP" (v4.1) to write onto an NTAG213 chip from NXP. All of the write operations fail (format, write data set etc.). The erase operation for example shows "Erase failed" (translated from the German "Löschen Fehlgeschlagen"). There is not additional information about a reason that I can see.


The tags can be written with other hardware (e.g. Andruino with PN532 shield). The tags can also be written by another application running on the Nokia 3. So it appears to be a software problem, not hardware.


The device is a Nokia 3 (TA-1032). It is running Android 7.0, build 00WW_1_39M.