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MPC5744P eTimer measurement problem

Question asked by nathan 米 on Jul 3, 2017
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I am learning how to use the eTimer module of MPC5744P to measure the duty cycle of PWM.

I have found the demos named"MPC5744P-eTimer-frequency_measurement-GHS614" which is in the attachment.

I can not understand some programs.


1. in the   eTimer_Init()   function, eTimer0 channel 0 and channel 1 are both configured, but in the SIUL2_Init() function, only eTimer0 channel 1 is enabled, why channel 0 is still can be used?

2. what's the meaning of cascaded mode? is it a mode of combining the results of channel 0 and channel 1?Can I do not use channel 0, just use channel 1 to measure the duty cycle?

3. Does anyone have other demos of eTimer measurement which can be shared with me ? thanks very much.


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Original Attachment has been moved to: MPC5744P-eTimer-frequency_measurement-GHS614.rar