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Flash memory requirements for SMBus V2.0

Question asked by Prakash Bhumireddy Employee on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Michael Fugere



We have proposed MC9S08PA16 for customer who wants to use this MCU as a SMBus slave. They actually needed SMBus V2.0 I/O exapander (their intention is to have dynamic address allocation for the slave).  As we do not have a I/O expander with SMBus, they are OK to use an MCU with SMBus (V2.0, which supports, address resolution protocol, ARP) and use its GPIOs.


Now, there are two questions:


1. How much flash memory (minimum) is required  to implement SMBus 2.0 protocol for a slave (MCU , MC9S08PA16 )? As MC9S08PA16  has 16kb flash, it could not meet customer pricing. Is 8k/4k flash OK?


2. Do you have any SM bus Address Resolution Protocol application code in MC9S08PA16AVTGR to show communication from one master board to multiple slaves ( minimum 3 numbers ). All slave boards would have same salve address by default , but while connecting to master it should dynamically allocate a different address to each slave , so that they can communicate with slave individually?


Kindly request urgent help/suggestion .