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sgtl5000 driver program

Question asked by zha ye on Jul 4, 2017


  • tag:  sgtl5000 driver program.
  • aim: It is mainly used to audio sampling, the route is LINK_R->ADC->I2S_OUT.
  • setup:  Now, The setup up of sgtl5000  is complete. The I2S is configured as Slaver (SGTL5000 as slave) and audio data is recived from codec by using DMA channel . Asynchronous mode and I2S format meanwhile audio is configure to use 16-bit format and sampling frequency is 48kHz, mclk is 1.576MHz.
  • question1: The sgtl5000 initialize the end, it's i2s_out pin always generate a signal to MCU , although i have input nothing.
  • question1:My MCU have setup to slaver, DMA reciver mode, this also can't recive nothing.



Hope for your help.

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