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RTCS configuration on Vybrid

Question asked by m68000 on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by m68000

Im using first time RTCS to communicate over UDP. So far, it work's fine.

But when i start the communication between PC and target with RTCS and any other frames

like dhcp or zeroconf transmitted by PC, all further transmission stops.

My data packets don't receive by RTCS in these case.

If no other communication is active, all packets received by RTCS.

I think the problem is, that these frames received, but no one consume the request.

As result if UDP frames transmitted by PC, no memory avilable and RTCS lost frames.

My configuration:


  _RTCSPCB_init = 8;
  _RTCSPCB_grow = 2;
  _RTCSPCB_max = 40;
  _RTCS_msgpool_init = 4;
  _RTCS_msgpool_grow = 2;
  _RTCS_msgpool_max  = 20;
  _RTCS_socket_part_init = 4;
  _RTCS_socket_part_grow = 2;
  _RTCS_socket_part_max  = 20;


Changing RTCS priorty (default in my system: 6) to higher level, no changes.