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kinetis bootloader not responding after powerloss

Question asked by Albrecht Muenzing on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Hui_Ma


i have written a bootloader-Host application to update the firmware of a Kinetis uController (MK02FN64VLH10) in an embedded device over I2C.

The update of the bootloader worked fine until a power-loss while updating.

I tested that power-loss a few times, this time it falls into this problem.

We have added code to the bootloader that is checking if the application is fully written.

Only if the hole application is written the bootloader starts the application. If not it stays in bootloader mode.

Since the power-loss the uController is starting the bootloader, but when i try to update the bootloader it sends back an error.

I checked the properties and i get a "true" on WriteProtection since then.

I never used/switched that property and can not toggle it to "false".


Also i erased the uController with an external Debugger and programmed the bootloader again.

That doesn't helped.


What did i make wrong while updating to get into this Condition? Is there a way back to normal operation?

Do i have to replace the uController?