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Codewarrior Classic 6.3 not being detect com port

Question asked by Exequiel Beker on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Exequiel Beker

Hi everyone! I'm having a not nice trouble with my programmer/debugger. 

When I make and debug my project, the P&E Connection manager don't list the com port where I connected my programmer. I tried using another cable, another board, and tried on other computer, with no succeed. What could be wrong?

One or two weeks ago, it worked a couple times and then never again.


-OS: Windows 10 x64bits

-IDE: Codewarrior Classic v6.3

-Programmer/debugger: Third party MON08 programmer/debugger, integrated in a development board (Edukit08).

-MCU: HC08AP32




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Edit: Attached two screen captures, one showing you my listed Com ports (COM 7 it's the port where the programmer is), and other with the P&E programmer, not listing it.

Also, I tried to connect with Prog08SZ and it detected normally.