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MPC8379 get flash id failed

Question asked by JIANFENG SONG on Jul 1, 2017
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I am using Code Warrior to erase the flash of a board of MPC8379e. Unfortunately, I failed with the message of "get flash ID failed". But, I succeeded in another board of the same type. For the board with problems, almost all the relevant chips and signals were checked thoroughly with the findings that there were no signals to the pins related to flash during the process of erasing. What are the possible reasons? Can anyone help me please? Thanks!

Below is my flash configuration.

flash configuration

Below is the logs of CodeWarrior.

: -------------------------

Using Algorithm: amd16x1.elf

=== Target Configuration Settings
=== Connection: CodeWarrior USB TAP
=== Target Processor: 8379
=== Target Init File: E:\tftp\837xerdb\mpc8379rdb\MPC837xE-RDB_init.cfg

=== Execute: Erase
=== Timestamp: Sat Jul 1 15:28:07 2017
=== Flash Device: S29GL064M(R3)
=== Flash Organization: 4Mx16x1
=== Flash Mem Start Addr: 0xFE000000
=== Flash Mem End Addr: 0xFE7FFFFF
Informing other connection clients that the target is being 'clobbered'.
Loading Flash Device Driver at: 0x00000000
Flash Driver Buffer is at: 0x00001D70
Flash Driver Buffer Size is: 0x00004290

Flash Programmer: Flash driver reports the following error(s):

Timestamp: Sat Jul 1 15:28:08 2017