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Short time power Off/On cycle function of PF0100 SW2 output.

Question asked by Takayuki Ishii on Jul 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Takayuki Ishii

Hello community,


My customer ask us about power up sequence of PF0100 PMIC.


In short cycle power off -> on sequence, capacitor are not discharged and keep some voltage.

After PWRON is enabled, LDO output are seems discharged, but Buck regulators output voltage are keeping.


Attached picture is a waveform of PF0100 on SABRE-SDB board(Ch1:VGEN5, Ch3: PWRON, Ch4:SW2).

Ch1(VGEN5) seems to discharge. betweenn PWRON enable and VGEN5 enable.


But  Ch4(SW2) seems keep charged voltage and sink to GND very short time befor SW2 enable.

Is this correct function of PF0100 SW2 output?


Our customer connect SW2 output not olny IMX6Q but also other device(sub MCU).

But cycle time to sink to GND is shorter, so some board can not restart MCU.

Does it have a method to sink it to discharge SW2 output?


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