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CAN BUS is not working on imx6 custom board

Question asked by Peter Amond on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Gary Bisson

Hi All,


This is regarding imx6 quad processor based custom hardware design. This custom hardware is mostly similar to Nitrigon6 Max developmet board and it has used same CAN interface [hardware design and processor pins are same, CAN Transceiver (TJA1040T) ]. I'm using nitrogen6_max same uboot and dtbs and there are no major changes in CAN and so pin assignment in dtbs are same. But candump can0 doesn't show any value after running Yocto image. I checked the signals before the CAN transceiver chip TXD and they are looks okay exactly 3v. But after the can transceiver CANH pin shows sloped wave bellow 3v. Signals are not clear.


Could you please explain the reason for this ? Is there some thing wrong with hardware design or dtbs or u-boot ? I found same problem in Nitrogen6_MAX one of my development board.But CAN is working only sabrelite development boards. 


I noticed that the resistors which were used near SPLIT is 60.4Ohms. But it is recommended to use 60 Ohms resistor in TJA1040T chip. So is this the problem here ? 




Thank You,