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K64 144-pin RMII_MODE bit does not get set

Question asked by Aleksey Starovoytov on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Danilo Lima

We do use MK64FX512VLQ12 MCU in our system, which is 144 pin package, and we need to have Ethernet on it.
We made routing based on FRDM-K64F board, i.e. we used all of the same external components on the Ethernet side, except we had to adjust pin mapping.

From the schematic stand point it all looks great; however, we have problem. Looks like the PHY is sending messages to the MCU, but there is no communication from MCU to the PHY. Also, RMII_MODE bit does not get set while code runnig. However, when same code is used on the FRDM board, RMII_MODE bit get set and everything works as it should. Now, my question is, do we need to do something special to have RMII_MODE bit to be set on 144 package? Because in compare to the 100 pin package here we have all MII lines available.