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i.MX6Q DDR clock

Question asked by Toshishisa Sugiyama on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Toshishisa Sugiyama

Hi, @Mark Middleton


I read this thread, but I need more information.

i.MX6DQ SABRE SDP/B DDR3 Register Programming Aid 


I 'd like to know how waveform change when CK_FT0_DCC and CK_FT1_DCC register value were changed.

Could you look at attached SDCLK_CK_FTx_DCC_.xlsx file?

1. Which case is correct CASE1 (red frame) or CASE2(green frame) when CK_FTx_DCC value changed?

2. As the reference manual description, CK_FT0_DCC is the primary and CK_FT1_DCC is secondary and it is cascaded. Does it means if both register value set 001(51.5% high each), then clock duty would be 53% high cycle?  if it doesn't work like this, how it work when both register set 001 and 100?


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