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Installing/running Android Things application on i.MX6UL extremely slow

Question asked by Ryan Crist on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Efthymios Kalyviotis

We are experiencing extremely long installation/start/run times for Android Things applications on the NXP PICO-PI-IMX6UL.  Trying to install/run using Android Studio typically times out or fails.  So far, the only successful method that works is to build the APK separately in Android Studio and then installing/starting via adb on the command line (note that this is still extremely slow).


A small application of 2.3MB in size takes anywhere from 200-500 seconds to install!  The same application on the Intel Edison only takes about 6 seconds to install.


It's worth noting that other adb operations seem to run very slowly as well (i.e. shell, logcat, etc.).


We have closely followed the procedures outlined using these resources to install the Android Things image: 

NXP i.MX6UL | Android Things 


We have re-flashed the Android Things image several times and experience the same issues.  


To rule out any application issues, we have tried installing/running the Android Things sample template application found here: GitHub - androidthings/new-project-template and experience the same issues.  We can verify that this application installs/runs without issue on an Intel Edison board running Android Things 4.1.


Here are a few more details about our setup:



Mac OS 10.12.5

Android Studio version 2.3.3

Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.39



Android Things Developer Preview Image 4.1 (SHA-1: 08c62cb2fc5a9c7b1d676677184122ecca3d950c) from here: System Image Downloads | Android Things 


Any suggestions on what is wrong with our setup or what might be causing these latency issues?