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rs08 internal voltage regulator ... what does it do?

Discussion created by Peter Koblauch on Aug 26, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by bigmac
  I am using the KA2 and KA8 parts ..    they are great little parts!!

 For a cost sensitive project I am considering the need for
an external voltage regulator. Vcc will initially be 4.5v and
over the life of the supply battery drop to around 3v.
Core activity is to measure temperature using a thermistor and
a reference resistor and then to manipulate a relay as determined by the code.

The KA2 datasheet mentions that the parts have an internal
voltage regulator that will drop the supplied voltage to a lower level
and I am wondering what this level is and if it is fixed .. and really
if this internal voltage regulation will be sufficient for my project and
that external regulation is not really needed for such a simple task.

Will somebody in the know provide a little more detail about the
internal voltage regulator?

Thanks a lot.

Peter K