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Calibration of Offset error and Gain error of ADC in KV4x

Discussion created by Illia Satskyi on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by xiangjun.rong

Hello I am using KV4x series controller in my project, where I spin IPM motor. And in previous series KV1x, KV3x there is a good description (in datasheet, and in examples in demo projects) how to calibrate the Offset error and Gain error of ADC. 

Also there is a document with a description of this calibration - AN5314. In KV1x, KV3x there are aveilable registers for automatic ADC calibration, and they described very well.

   In KV4x series there is only one ADC Offset Register (ADC_OFFSTn) with only few lines of description:
The value of the offset register is used to correct the ADC result before it is stored in the
RSLT registers.The offset value is subtracted from the ADC result. To obtain unsigned results, program
the respective offset register with a value of $0000, thus giving a result range of $0000 to

   And there is also any available calibration examples in demo projects for KV4x, and there are no any availble registers in datasheet for this automatic calibration.

          So the question is how to to calibrate the Offset error and Gain error of ADC on KV4x controllers?