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SJA1105 TSN switch not able to connect with 100Mbps nodes (only Gigabit)

Question asked by John Pulera on Jun 29, 2017


I am using the LS1021ATSN board to evaluate the SJA1105 TSN switch. I'm also using the 'sja1105-tool', which includes 3 sample configurations for the switch (standard, policing, and scheduling). At this point, I'm having trouble establishing basic connectivity (ARP/ping) among nodes that have a link speed of 100Mbit/sec link using the standard configuration. My simple network map is


SJA1105 PORT 0   => Windows Host PC running WireShark (1Gbps link)  Static IP Address:

SJA1105 PORT 1   => Connected to 10Mbps/100Mbps Hub

              Connected to Hub:   --->Kinetis TWR K64F120M (100Mbps link)  Static IP Address:

              Connected to Hub:   --->Ubuntu Linux PC running WireShark (100Mbps link) Static IP Address:

SJA1105 PORTS 2, 3  not used

SJA1105 PORT4   => connected on eval board to LS1021A Eth 2 interface (1Gbps link)  Static IP Address:


The TWR K64F120M on Port 1 is running the RTCS demo program "iPerf" that is distributed with MQX 4.2. I'm not using the iPerf functionality, just the standard network commands that are available on the shell (e.g., arpdisp, netstat, etc). My initial connectivity test is to verify that I can Ping the Kinetis TWR K64F120 (Hub on Port 1) from the Windows Host PC (Port 0). I have set the SPEED setting in the mac-configuration-table for Port 1 to ‘2’ (100Mbps). With this change as the only change over the standard configuration (see attached “standard-configuration.xml”), I see the expected Tx Packet and Byte Counts in the MAC-Level Diagnostic Flags for Port 1, but the packet is not actually hitting the Port 1 wire as evidenced by the Linux PC with WireShark. Are there any other configuration settings that I need to change in order to get simple best effort Ethernet connectivity going here with a node with link speed of 100Mbps on this eval board? Perhaps a clock setting?


Some other hints:

            Ping test is OK if I substitute a Netgear GS108E Gigabit switch.

            I verified the network interface card for the Ubuntu Linux PC running WireShark is able to see unicast traffic not addressed to it.





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