Bita Sobhani

ATD single conversion mode

Discussion created by Bita Sobhani on Aug 26, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by Sebastien Pierrepack
Hi all
I am wotking on zigbe 1321x boards.
I want to use 2 ATD channels. Because there is only one ATD, I can't convert both channels at once. I should do a single conversion on the first input, then do a single conversion on the second input and again return to the first input and so on.
My question is about the conversion mode. Should I use single conversion mode or continous mode in this case? If continous mode, how can I do this? and  If single conversion mode, should I use a timer? I know timers on this board can not be less than 4 milliseconds(250Hz).  What should I do for achieving more  sampling frequencies?