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MPC5644A VDDE6 Supply Voltage

Question asked by Arif ERGUN on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Arif ERGUN

Hi, I am new in MPC5644A, I have a problem with module supply voltage.

In my project, I will use an IC MPC5644A series package 176LQFP. But MPC5644A in the datasheet, there is conflicting information on the POWER supply. What is the IC power supply voltage.
For example, can it be applied to the VDDE6 module. Can I apply 3V3 voltage to the VDDE6 Module or it must be 5V ? Because my circuit has 3V3 supply voltage. 

Could you share with me about this application info what it is going on?