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MC33907 SPI communication issue

Question asked by 维越 曾 on Jun 29, 2017

Hello ,

      I use MPC5744P SPI1(CS0) to communication with MC33907.

      I use MPC5744P SPI Module demo code.

      I write MC33907 SPI control commom and read the MC33907 registers.

      Please see the code below:

  DSPI_Send(1, 0b000001, 0x8200);//7.3.1Init VREG 1
  DSPI_Send(1, 0b000001, 0x8400);//7.3.2Init Vreg 2


   The variable SPI1_33907_State  always be 0x7FFF.


   I have test the  MC33907 MOSI and MISO signal.

   Whatever MOSI data(0x8200 or 0x8400 or others ) I send, MISO data is 0x7FFF.

   The MISO data is not correct according to MC33907 datasheet.


   I don't know what's the problem?

   Please help me to analysis.

   Thank you!