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Resend: How to Encoding SL3S1003_1013 RFID padlock tamper seal

Question asked by Yoko Kurokawa on Jun 28, 2017

We would like to resend the following email regarding encoding method of SL3S1003_1013 RFID padlock tamper seal.


Could you kindly advise us on this matter?  With your instruction, we will be able to proceed the next step.




Awaiting your soonest reply. Thank you.








Yoko & Kaori





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Subject: SL3S1003_1013 RFID padlock tamper seal




To whom it may concern,




My name is Yoko Kurokawa from SEIKODO Corp., Japan.


We ordered 100 non-encoded RFID padlock tamper seals with William Frick & Co. before.


They told us that here is the datasheet for the chip which is used in this RFID padlock tamper seal.




So we'd like to ask you the following because the chip is from your company.




We encoded some of them with the writer machine by ourselves.


Some RFID padlocks changed the encoded number after we teared the wire but other RFID padlocks didn’t change the encoded number

even after we teared the wire.


Please see the attached as for the details.


We think that the encoded number should change after the wire was teared, but some won’t change.


Please tell us the right way of encoding if ours is wrong.


And we want to know how the encoded number changes.




We await your reply.






Yoko Kurokawa & Kaori Kutsumizu






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