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Error: Cannot access device, device is secured

Question asked by EE AA on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by EE AA

Good morning, I am try to program a MK222FN512 microcontroller mounted on a PCB by means of the OpenSDA interface of a FRDM-K22F development platform.


I have been using this microcontroller with no problems, but suddenly a debug session froze and when restarting, I am not able to debug again, and I always get the error in the title. I am using the GDB OpenOCD Debugging configuration, and I found no way to do a mass erase.


Additionally, I have succesfully rebooted the microcontroller using BOOTLOADER file k20dx128_bootloader_v21_0x8000.bin, but I always get the same error message when trying to debug.


Is there any way I can do a hard reset of the flash memory?


Thanks and best regards!