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Eventrouter Status is different with debug probe attached

Question asked by Gustav Valeur on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

On e LPC4357 when i am running a program from ROM i get different values from the Evenetrouter status register on a POR depending on if i have the debug cable attached or not.


When i don't have the debugger attached i get 0x3F3EFFF which looks like a WWDT that has caused the reset, where as if i have the debug cable attached (the IDE is not connected to the debugger) i get 0x3FBDFFF which looks like a POR to me.


The debug probe i am using is a GreenHills Probe


Are there anyone that have experienced something similar or know how to stop it from starting up with a WWDT reset after a POR?