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Processor Expert bug in AsynchroSerial when interrupts disabled

Question asked by Bronson Philippa on Jun 27, 2017

It seems that Processor Expert's AsynchroSerial generates incorrect code when interrupts are disabled. I am experimenting with a K22F board and implementing a basic serial echo program. The complete project is attached.


With interrupts disabled, AS1_RecvChar always returns ERR_RXEMPTY.


Digging into the code, it seems that the issue lies with the InterruptRx function in ASerialLdd1.c. The code reads:

static void InterruptRx(ASerialLdd1_TDeviceDataPtr DeviceDataPrv)
  register uint16_t Data;              /* Temporary variable for data */
  Data = (uint16_t)UART_PDD_GetChar8(UART1_BASE_PTR); /* Read an 8-bit character from the receiver */
  if (DeviceDataPrv->InpDataNumReq != 0x00U) { /* Is the receive block operation pending? */
    *(DeviceDataPrv->InpDataPtr++) = (uint8_t)Data; /* Put an 8-bit character to the receive buffer */
    DeviceDataPrv->InpRecvDataNum++;   /* Increment received char. counter */
    if (DeviceDataPrv->InpRecvDataNum == DeviceDataPrv->InpDataNumReq) { /* Is the requested number of characters received? */
      DeviceDataPrv->InpDataNumReq = 0x00U; /* If yes then clear number of requested characters to be received. */

The issue is that DeviceDataPrv->InpDataNumReq is always zero! Therefore the main code is skipped. InpDataNumReq is set by ASerialLdd1_ReceiveBlock() ... but that function is not run by AS1_RecvChar until a character has already been received (see below). The return ERR_RXEMPTY happens before ASerialLdd1_ReceiveBlock. The crucial setting DeviceDataPrv->InpDataNumReq is never modified.


byte AS1_RecvChar(AS1_TComData *Chr)
  byte Result = ERR_OK;                /* Return error code */
  LDD_SERIAL_TError SerialErrorMask;   /* Serial error mask variable */

  if (!EnMode) {                       /* Is the device disabled in the actual speed CPU mode? */
    return ERR_SPEED;                  /* If yes then error */
  if (ASerialLdd1_GetError(ASerialLdd1_DeviceDataPtr, &SerialErrorMask) == ERR_OK) { /* Get error state */
    if (SerialErrorMask != 0U) {
      Result = ERR_COMMON;             /* If yes then set common error value */
    } else {
      if (ASerialLdd1_GetReceivedDataNum(ASerialLdd1_DeviceDataPtr) == 0U) { /* Is not received char? */
        return ERR_RXEMPTY;            /* If yes then error is returned */
  *Chr = BufferRead;                   /* Read the char */
  (void)ASerialLdd1_ReceiveBlock(ASerialLdd1_DeviceDataPtr, &BufferRead, 1U); /* Receive one data byte */
  return Result;                       /* Return error code */


I can work around this by enabling interrupts, but it's confusing to new users when a certain check box in Processor Expert silently breaks the code!

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