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help on how to explore the pinpong module APIs to communicate between cores (A9 and M4) with( kernel module to user module) middle ware or applications layer

Question asked by Anil Kumar on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Anil Kumar

Hi All,


need help on how to explore the pinpong module communication between cores (A9 and M4) with middle ware or applications layer.

Known thing is: now communication is happening between cores (A9 and M4) by RPMsg examples (with the imx_pingpong.ko and freeRTOS pingpong application). 

TODO: by using imx_pingpong.ko (A9 side) how we can expose the pinpong module header-files(rpmsg.h) and APIs to middle ware or application layer( or user level) A9 side. please provide any approach or some examples ( kernel module to user module) if you have already done.

Thanks For your valuable support.