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USBDM driver

Question asked by Julian Cox on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2017 by pgo

I have CodeWarrior 10.7, USBDM_4_12_1_180_win and USBDM_Drivers_1_3_0_Win_x64 all on Windows 7 64-bit. With the USBDM connecter the device manager showed "Interface 0 - USBDM' and "USBDM CDC Interface" - both under " Other Devices" and both showed "No Driver Installed". After removing, installing, repairing, reinstalling the driver many times a device eventually appeared under "Debug devices" and it had a driver. I was then able to program my S08SH4 - once. After that - back to square one. Eventually I re-established the device driver and tried to do a firmware upgrade. This worked until I was instructed to "unplug the device, wait a few moments and re-connect the BDM". I then got the message that part 2 of the process had failed. Since then I am unable to load the device driver - so no USBDM.