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vMMAC_SetChannel() throwing WATCHDOG exception

Question asked by Marko Gucanin on Jun 27, 2017
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I'm using a JN5168 module running Contiki and I've currently an issue where I change the channel quite frequently and sometimes it gets stuck when calling vMMAC_SetChannel() and it throws a WATCHDOG exception and reboots. Can anyone help me with this problem? The watchdog timer value is set to its maximum value of 16392ms. I'm using the latest SDK "JN-SW-4163, Build 1416".


Log output (for futher details check

WATCHDOG EXCEPTION @ $0008967e EA: 0200147c SK: 04007f30 HP: 04007728
REGS: R00-03: 00 04007f30 000001b6 04007f34
R04-07: 00 00000006 0000000e 0000000a
R08-0b: 20 00089674 0000000c 040000ac
R0c-0f: b0 7bafdf6f d7ffff5e feaf7ffc


Part of the map file:

0x0000000000089606 0x1a /JN-SW-4163/Components/Library/libMMAC_JN516x.a(MMAC.o)
0x0000000000089606 vMMAC_IntHandlerBbc
0x0000000000089620 0x24 /JN-SW-4163/Components/Library/libMMAC_JN516x.a(MMAC.o)
0x0000000000089620 vMMAC_Enable
0x0000000000089644 0x23 /JN-SW-4163/Components/Library/libMMAC_JN516x.a(MMAC.o)
0x0000000000089644 vMMAC_EnableInterrupts
0x0000000000089667 0x46 /JN-SW-4163/Components/Library/libMMAC_JN516x.a(MMAC.o)
0x0000000000089667 vMMAC_SetChannel
0x00000000000896ad 0x93 /JN-SW-4163/Components/Library/libMMAC_JN516x.a(MMAC.o)
0x00000000000896ad vMMAC_SetChannelAndPower


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