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Yocto project

Question asked by vijesh reddy on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Joan Xie

I am new to Linux. I am using phycore  imx6 MIRA board. I have downloaded all the bsp/source files etc. from the repository, I was asked to compile them. I have gone through some yocto documents but the following points are not clear to me.

1. If I compile the downloaded yocto files will I be able to view the .c files i.e can.c, uart.c,spi.c etc.?

2. If I compile it can I view the device tree source file?

3. If I modify the device tree, should I compile it with a different tool or yocto will take care?

4. If I want to add a new driver, is it just to write a new .c .h file and recompile it in yocto?

5. Till now I have written application in eclipse and downloaded the bin file to root, if I use yocto can I write my application in yocto?


Some of my questions might kook silly- sorry for that. Please give ur valuable answers - thanks in advance.@