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Problems with replacement of LPC4330 with LPC4337

Question asked by Michael Schöckel on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Michael Schöckel

Hello Community,

As you can read in the heading, I have some problems with the replacement of a LPC4330 with a LPC4337.

I started my development with an LPC4330Xplorer Board, everything worked as it should. Now, I got my self-made board which does not work. Ok, I changed the LPC4330 to a LPC4337 and instead of an external Flash S25FL032 I use an external flash S25FL256.

In the first step, I just wanted to test my board by blinking a LED. For that I set up a new c project with the LPC4337 and I also added the additional external flash on address 0x14000000.

I started with the internal flash: for the debugging, everything was fine. But when I have flashed the program into the internal flash, after reset (power off, power on) the program starts after one minute. Boot pin P2_7 is connected to a pull-up resistor. Does anybody know, what may be the problem? The boot process from internal flash should not take so much time?!

Then I wanted to test the external flash, but there I just get the following error message:


op EraseSector (0x14000000, 0x0, 0x1) status 0x40 - driver reports init failure - EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found

  Driver gave init failure when not initializing

  op Terminate (0x0, 0x0, 0x0) status 0x40 - driver reports init failure - EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found

  15: Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(50): Flash driver failed to initialize

  15: Target error from Read register

  Cannot access core regs when target running.


Is it possible, that the flash driver does not work for my flash even if the Spansion S25FL256S is listed in Table 25 QSPI devices supported by the boot code and the SPIFI API?

Or is it still not possible to boot from an external SPIFI flash with more than 32 MB? The Errata sheet LPC4357/53/37/33 mentions a SPIFI.1 error...

All advices or ideas are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.