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TWR-K80F150M : writing data duration into the sd card

Question asked by Lacouture Patrice on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Lacouture Patrice
I bought a TWR-K80F150M board. I downloaded the SDK software ( My project is to store 4 bit data every 20 Mhz into a SD card.

I use the library middleware/fatfs_0.12b and flexio for the acquisition.

I want to measure the duration of the writing data into the sd card in order to know if all data will be stored.
Is there any functions to use for knowing the duration between the start and the end of the writing data into sd card(kinetis K80) ?
For Exemple, something like get_time :
Time1 = get_time
//  write function FatFs - Generic FAT file system module  R0.12c
error = f_write(&g_fileObject, g_bufferWrite, sizeof(g_bufferWrite), &bytesWritten);
Time2 = get_time
Thank you in advance,