Zoltan Lengyel

AF_DataRequest - BeeAppDataConfirm - sometimes no confirm

Discussion created by Zoltan Lengyel on Aug 25, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2009 by Fredrik Vesterlund

 I am using BeeStack 2.0. mesh nwk, SRB boards.

"For each AF_DataRequest(), there is exactly one data confirm. The data confirm comes back to the application in the function BeeAppDataConfirm()."  states the BeeStack SW Reference Manual.

1. Sometimes I experience that there is not any data confirm after a data request. My application waits for a flag which is set by the data confirm function and it doesn't call the AF_DataRequest any more if there is no confirm... So my app stops working properly if there is no confirm.

2. So I decided to write a watchdog timer which monitors this flag and if this flag is not set by the BeeAppDataConfirm function, I set it manually so that my app does not stop and it calls the AF_DataRequest again.

3. But if I use this watchdog function and I set the flag I will experience memory management problems after a while.

4. I am using SRB boards and I after (2.) sometimes my app freezes totally and the LED5 turns off (and I don't set/reset LED5 in my app manually.) What can be the reason such a total crash? Is it because of memory management problems?

How can I use AD_DataRequest if I cannot be sure that a confirm would come?