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HTS221 driver integration for imx6

Question asked by Quentin DUHAMEL on Jun 23, 2017
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I'm having trouble with HTS221 device driver integration (for a FreeRTOS app). ST provides a platform independent driver (see ). But those drivers have functions which need to be remapped :

         // the user must redefine the proper HTS221_WriteReg
         #define HTS221_WriteReg(RegAddr, NumByteToWrite, Data)  HAL_WriteReg(HTS221_I2C_ADDRESS, RegAddr,      NumByteToWrite, Data)


I want to use this driver with I2C but I don't find how, since I'm not use to play with drivers. The two pictures after come from the imx6 freertos bsp.


Did someone already do this ? Or use another similary driver with an imx6 board ?