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TWR-K80F150M : Bootloader OpenSDA

Question asked by Lacouture Patrice on Jun 25, 2017
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I bougth a TWR-K80F150M from avnet compagny. I tried to configure the  OpenSDA v2.1 bootloader but I used a Windows 10 machine . The result was I corrupted the bootloader (all led OFF on the board, no bootloader access any more). According to the doc DOC-330935, I need a Segger JLink or Keil ULink programmer attached to the JTAG port. 

I need a probe to program a k80 on another board application, avnet propose us to use U-MULTILINK-FX.


Can I use a U-MULTILINK-FX to restore the bootloader or do i need Segger JLink ?

What is the diference between U-MULTILINK-FX and a Segger JLink?

Can I use the procedure from DOC-330935 to restore the bootloader with U-MULTILINK-FX?

Thank you in advance.