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MCUXpresso IDE and Kinetis devices

Question asked by Rodrigo Cavalcanti on Jun 22, 2017
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   I'm starting the work with MKM34z and I'm switching to use the MCUXpresso for it. I already use the MCUXpresso for LPC devices. I cannot find any Kinetis family device on the list when I try to create the project. I already re-installed the IDE and switched to a new workspace. When I try to use the MCUXpresso Config Tools, I can see only a subset of Kinetis devices. On this list I can see the MKM34256xxx7, but not other variant with the 100 pins.

   Now I don't know if I'm supposed to use the new MCUXpresso, if it have support for these parts, or if I have to continue using the KDS IDE.


   Please enlighten me,




   - Rodrigo