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S32K144 FlexCAN

Question asked by Yashwanth K on Jun 22, 2017
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I am working on FLEX CAN in S32K144 EVB. I configured CAN bus to 500 Kbps. I am getting Synchronization error while participating in bus. I configured CAN as per example code given in S32K design studio. I am actually participating in CAN bus with simulator (Other controller) which is configured to 500 kbps. When I communicates with simulator with other controller, I'm getting response from simulator. But when I communicating with S32K144, it is giving synchronization error. I am thinking that S32K144 EVB is not configured to 500 Kbps.


I selected 8 MHz crystal oscillator as CAN clock source.

PSEG2 = 3

PSEG1 = 3

RJW = 3




Is there Any modification I have to do in CAN bit parameters to calculate exact baud rate. Please help me. Waiting for your response.


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