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New devices KE02 KE04 error programing

Question asked by CARLOS PICHARDO on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

I have problems programming Kinetis KE02 and KE04 devices when they are new!
I tried with J-link and Ulink and nothing.
The reset pin has oscillations.
I have tested with KEIL-MDK and KDS and nothing.
The already programmed devices are programmed correctly only happens with the new ones!
Does anyone know what is going on?


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Tengo problemas para programar lo dispositivos Kinetis KE02 y KE04 cuando estan nuevos!
He probado con J-link y Ulink y nada.
El pin de reset presenta oscilasiones.
He probado con KEIL-MDK y KDS y nada.
Los dispositivos ya programados se programan correctamente solo sucede con los nuevos!
Alguien sabe que esta pasando?