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LIN on K66 not working

Question asked by Sandeep Thota on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Jing Pan

I am trying to port FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_4.5.9 on K66 processor and I took KEA128 project as reference from the stack. After porting I dont see any messages sent over the Tx line of UART. At this point my UART registers looks like this



UART is initialized as LIN using the code below.


UART_Type* base = BASE[4];

// Un-gate UART module clock

// UART clock source is either system or bus clock depending on instance
l_u32 uartSourceClock = CLOCK_SYS_GetUartFreq(4);

// Initialize UART baud rate, bit count, parity and stop bit.
UART_HAL_SetBaudRate(base, uartSourceClock, lconf_p->baud_rate);

_pUART->uartcr1.byte = 0x00; /* one start bit, eight data bits, one stop bit */
_pUART->uartcr2.byte = (UARTCR2_TE_MASK | UARTCR2_RE_MASK);

_pUART->uartsr2.byte |= (UARTSR2_LBKDIF_MASK | UARTSR2_BRK13_MASK | UARTSR2_LBKDE_MASK); /* clear LIN Break Detection flag */
_pUART->uartcr2.byte |= UARTCR2_RIE_MASK | UARTCR2_RWU_MASK; /* enable RX complete interrupt */
_pUART->uartcr3.byte |= UARTCR3_FEIE_MASK; /* Enable Frame Error interrupt */
_pUART->uartbdh.byte |= UARTBDH_LBKDIE_MASK; /* enable LIN Break Detection interrupt */


Why am I not seeing any messages sent over UART's Tx line, am I missing any configuration? Any help is greatly appreciated.