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Debugging U-Boot on ARMv8 with Eclipse/CodeWarrior TAP

Question asked by stacym on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Brett Stahlman

Hi all,


I am working currently with the LS1043A-RDB board.  I'd like to be prepared for custom hardware arriving shortly.  I've followed the instructions in the Document "Use CodeWarrior for ARMv8 to Debug U-boot and Linux Kernel and Bring up Bare Boards" written by Yiping Wang and also tried "ANxxxx Building U-Boot in CodeWarrior ARMv8"  I am able to get pretty far, build U-Boot, burn U-Boot into NOR flash, verify image in flash.  I created build and debug configurations per instructions in documents, trying both the attach method and the debug method.  Both methods fail in the same way, the debug phase aborts with a message:  Launching u-boot debug has encountered a problem:

Error in final launch sequence

    Failed to execute MI command:

    -break-insert -t _start

Error message from debugger back end:

Function "_start" not defined.


Another dialog box also appears:  One or more sections of the remote executable does not match the loaded

Section .data, range 0x60100000 - 0x601a1c4b: MIS-MATCHED!


I'm using CW Version 11.2.3 Build 170322


Anyone do anything similar with better luck?