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S12 BDMPod detection in App

Question asked by Ferenc Mikula on Jun 20, 2017
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There is any possible way to detect a connected BDMPod to the controller in a runing firmware ?


My target is realtime bypassing of the wai and stop instructions while debugger are connected.


I very rarely using the debugger and I always stuck on same problem.

Because my firmware uses wai and stop the debugger can't connect and/or freezes when thh processor going to sleep.


so I always spend of hours to finding the problem, why de debugger is freezes....


I know I'm stupid a little...


My another question is, any easy way to disable all interrupts when I stopped and using trace command ?

currently im mods the CCR by hand to disable the interrupts.


I'm using BDMPod with Firmware: 6.0.0b17, Bootloader Version: 2.0.6 with S12G, S12VR, S12XS processors.