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[LS1043ARDB] Cores boot at different exception levels

Question asked by Zaid Albassam on Jun 20, 2017
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Iam having a problem with one of the LS1043ARDB board (Orange box), after U-boot loads my program, core0 is at exception level 2 (EL2), but the other cores boot at EL1 and get hang when trying to switch to EL2. I have another LS1043ARDB board (Gray box) and all the cores boot at EL2. the same uboot image is on both boards: "U-Boot 2016.012.0+ga9b437f (May 15 2016 - 11:01:10 +0800)", and both boards have the same dip switch settings. I have however noticed the below differences in the uboot boot log:


The orange box (not working):

CPLD:  V1.4

PPA Firmware: Version 0.1



The gray box (working):

CPLD:  V1.5

PPA Firmware: Version 0.2

EEPROM: Invalid ID (0b 0c 03 04)



Any idea why the orange box has the cores boot at different EL? Should  the color of the box mean something (like secure)?