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i.MX6ULL EIM IO voltage level

Question asked by Aleksander Vaigachev on Jun 20, 2017
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In our ongoing project we are inteding to interface I.MX6ULL with Lattice FPGA via EIM interface. The first question is can we use a 2.5V for EIM IO voltage reference instead of 3.3V like in evaluation boards that we have found (ex. i.MX6QP Saber AI, Kondor AX)? The second question is about powering EIM module. For its powering NVCC_NAND, NVCC_LCD, NVCC_CSI should be connected to the same power rail? Where can I find a detailed DC and AC characterctics for EIM in i.MX6ULL? Reference Manual does not contain DC values for EIM.  


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